Friday, July 9, 2010


And the doubts have set in with a vengeance...

I finished the revisions and sent them off to the agent who requested them. Now I'm worried that I didn't take them far enough. That I didn't do enough to make it good enough for her. I'm so worried about this my stomach is tied up in knots.

The three people who read it over for me before I sent it out all raved about it, but I just can't help but doubt.

Too many awesome things have been happening for me and I can't help but think that something has to give. I've NEVER had so many good things happen to me all at once and I'm a little wary.


  1. You better knock that off! Your book rocks!!!

    I posted a snippet on my blog nervous, but heard it's not bad :)

  2. I know... I know... but will she think it rocks? I hope so, but she's got such high expectations.

    *bites fingernails*