Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Strange Coincidences and Writing

When I started writing Where Demons Fear to Tread, I set a specific date for things to happen. I chose 2012 as the year for the Fall (but NOT 12/21/12) and the start of Demons is May 2028. I didn't do much research into future astrological events with the initial writing, but now that I'm doing these intense rewrites for my agent, I've decided to mold this to actual dates and events for that month. As I was doing research, I came across this site. "Accordingly, to its cycle, this will provoke a revolutionary wave in US and around the world in 2028. This often happens when Uranus transits Gemini. Hopefully, this will be a revolution for the best, for the environment and for human nature."

Yeah, um... that's kind of cool.

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