Monday, August 15, 2011

Manic Monday

Today was definitely manic. After taking two weeks away from everything, today was back to work for both hubby and me. It's nice getting back up on the writing horse now that my creative well has been refilled. However, that giddy feeling was replaced with abject terror when I went looking for what I'd written in the weeks before our trip to Vegas and found the file EMPTY! *cue racing heart and hyperventilating* Thankfully, WriteorDie saves a copy of each session in its own separate folder. *angels start singing* It doesn't have any of my later additions that I made in the word doc, but that's okay because I have the main body of work.

Reading through it, this small snippet made me smile:

"Don't get cocky there, boy. You're still the junior partner here."
"Yeah, yeah. Go ahead and admit it. I'm doing good."
"You are, Vic. Give it ten or fifteen years and you might be as good as Luka when he first started."
"Wounded. I've been grievously wounded to the core!"
"Drama queen."
"Hey now, I may be gay, but I'm definitely not a queen. You see this grease under my nails? It's auto grease, not stage grease."

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