Sunday, June 6, 2010

Magic Bleeds - Ilona Andrews

I've been an Ilona fan since the very first book, Magic Bites. Ilona (comprised of the writing duo Ilona and Gordon Andrews) has the ability to create very real, very colorful characters and infuse them with life.

Magic Bleeds is book four in the series and just as fabulous as the first three. The storyline built up in the first three books moves along quite nicely here. We find out more about Kate's past, more about her family, and more about the mythology of the world.

Aside from a few editing nit-picks (there are a few places where it shifts into present tense) and a nowhere near long enough Kate and Curran scene, there is nothing about this book I didn't like.

Kate grows as a person, she accepts things for what they are and forges ahead with what she wants anyway. Her relationship with Curran and the Pack is taken to a whole other level. And her job within the Order changes as well. As with the rest of the series, nobody gets a free pass. People die, relationships are broken, trust is shattered.

The snippets from book five that have been posted on the blog are enough to make me salivate for the next one. I guess I'll just have to be content with Bayou Moon, book two in her Edge series, which comes out later this year.

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  1. Loved Magic Bleeds! Agree about the Kate/Curran scene, and there were some spots that could have used a bit more editing, bu otherwise it was a great book. Loved how it ended! :)