Monday, June 7, 2010

Rejected Again

The agent decided to pass on my book. She doesn't think I took her revision suggestions far enough and she still doesn't connect with the main character. She said the story is adequate, but not good enough to compete in today's market and, based on my past revisions, she doesn't think I'm up for the amount of rewriting required to make it better. She's the second agent to tell me that my book just isn't up to competing in today's market, yet all of my beta's have pretty much loved it. 

I am so discouraged right now and have no idea what to do. Should I have another person read it and tear it apart for me? Should I keep querying with what I've got and *hope* somebody will love it as much as I do? Should I just give up and start something new? 


  1. Sorry to hear that :(

    Take a look at what she said and what you did and ask yourself if you did take it far enough...then ask yourself if you NEED to. I remember reading that Kristen Nelson had the full of Shiver by Maggie S. a couple of years ago but ultimately decided to pass (it was a last-minute decision after thinking hard about it). She didn't think it would compete in today's market either. The industry really is subjective.

    Maybe also read a lot of books in your genre if you aren't already...see what each of these books do to establish an immediate connection to the heroine. Write out the scenes by hand?

    But all in all don't sweat it! Just keep at it :D

  2. Don't give up! Don't you dare *evil glare*

    Let the book sit a few days to a week, then go back and look at it. If you don't think, in your own opinion, that it needs more work, than continue to send it to agents. If you do think it does, pinpoint those spots and revise them.

    Like Sarah said, it's a subjective industry. I've had plenty of agents say no to my book, and a handful who loved it. It just takes finding the right one.

  3. Well, you should always be starting something new--that's the very opposite of giving up! As far as querying vs. revising further goes - by now I'm sure you're feeling much better, what with this agent getting back to you and another showing interest as well; even if they don't take you on, the specific advice they've given you/are sure to give you should help you on your way to making the querying vs. revising decision.

    Of course, ideally that won't be necessary and they'll sign you on the spot. ;) Good luck!